The Steadfast Group is fully committed to providing equal opportunities in employment for all existing employees and all new applicants for employment, regardless of their sex, marital status, race, ethnic or national origin, colour, religious beliefs, disability or sexual orientation.

This applies to recruitment, training, promotion and all other aspects of employment. As such:
 We will take all reasonable action to prevent or deter any form of unlawful direct or indirect discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the grounds outlined above.
 Entry into the company and progression within it will be determined solely by personal merit, and the application of criteria (experience and qualifications) which are related to the effective performance of the job and the needs of our business.
 All employees are required to take such steps as may be needed to make this policy effective. Any behaviour or actions which are believed not to be in accordance with this Policy will be considered serious disciplinary matters and may lead to dismissal.
 Should inequalities become apparent, we will take all reasonably practical action to address the issue.
 The effectiveness of the policy will be reviewed on a regular basis, to ensure its aims are being achieved and all reasonably practical steps will be taken to ensure any necessary corrective actions are put into place.
 The policy also applies equally to the treatment of our customers/clients.
Any employee may use the grievance procedure to complain about any discriminatory conduct (including harassment). This will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Individuals will not be penalised in any way for raising such a grievance unless it is untrue or made in bad faith.