Mobile Patrols

STEADFAST Security Solutions is an SIA-approved security division led by industry professionals with more than 25 years operational experience.


Mobile Patrols

THE Steadfast Group provides a smartly turned out, highly-trained mobile patrol service you can be proud of. Mobile patrols are there to remove your worries once you have gone home, safe in the knowledge that any problems that occur will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

Our extensive network of patrols maintain a highly visible security presence when checking your premises. We also provide a rapid first response to all verified alarm activations, culminating in that all important link to Police, fire and emergency services.

Steadfast personnel are trained to assess situations and react in the appropriate manner, meaning you will no longer be disturbed by false alarms and minor incidents during unsociable hours.

All patrols are of course equipped with modern communication systems, both portable and vehicle-based, constantly in touch with our 24-hour monitoring and control station.

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