Whether dealing with theft, fraud, copyright, confidentiality agreements, counterfeiting, employment issues or fraudulent claims, our highly trained surveillance team will use both foot and mobile techniques to gain valuable photo/video evidence for the client.



We understand organisations are looking for new proactive methods of obtaining information, carried out with the utmost discretion. We offer an affordable, and completely legal, service to anyone seeking peace of mind.

Vehicle Tracking – All our tracking devices involve the latest technology on the market and calculate the position of the vehicle accurately.

Once the unit has been deployed, the tracking device will be monitored from our 24/7 Operations room in real time via a secure website using global positioning systems (GPS). A GPS placed on a moving vehicle can be tracked to monitor movement to specific locations.

Mobile phone number tracer – we can trace most UK mobile and landline phone numbers within 24 hours. Our trace results will provide you with the billing address for the phone and a name the phone is registered to. Some phones will be registered to their employers’ company address and not the individual in question. In most cases we will be able to find who the user is. We provide this service on a ‘no trace, no fee’ basis.


We offer the client discreet and efficiently trained CP Operatives to control access and protect their guests and their property. We can offer either a high-profile or low-key security presence, depending on the client’s requirements. Events that we service include.


Steadfast operatives are fully SIA (Security Industry Authority) trained and hold front-line licenses in their respective specialist fields. All our operatives are vetted and conform to BS7858 standard. Our CPO’s will protect an individuals, family & organisation members from assault, kidnapping, stalking, loss of confidential information, terrorist attacks and any other threat.

Protective Surveillance – this specialist protection service is deployed when our clients require monitoring and protection from a professionally trained team but in a covert and tactful manner. Protective surveillance allows individuals to go about their everyday business without obtrusive protection but with the knowledge they are covered by highly trained Close Protection Operatives carrying out dynamic risk assessments, intelligence gathering and, most importantly, client protection.

High Value Asset Protection – our residential security teams, almost all ex-military, live up to the company motto: Providing Peace of Mind. After conducting a thorough security survey we analyse and secure any vulnerable points. With highly-trained Close Protection Operatives we can provide a continuous professional around the clock security operation.

Executive Transportation Hire – professionally-trained chauffeurs offering securely driven high class and executive vehicle service. We can provide most requested vehicles. Prices based on daily rates including driver cost.


For clients who want ALL of their security requirements taken care of in one, we offer fixed CCTV/CCTV mobile towers, alarm systems, door access control, on-site security operatives and mobile patrol service. We also have a 24/7 manned Operations Room at the Steadfast HQ where we can link up to the client’s CCTV. We can provide this all in one installation and service at a discounted rate.