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Electric Car Charging for Homes

We are OLEV approved to offer electric car charger home installation, working only with reliable and experienced home EV charging electricians to ensure every home EV charger is fitted to the highest standards.

Our EV home charging station solutions ranging from standard to rapid home EV chargers.

Fill out our survey form and we will be in touch to book a quick, free home survey to discover which EV charger is right for your application – and how quick it can charge your electric car.

Choose The Steadfast Group for Home Car Charging Stations

Over 2,000 homeowners have benefitted from a home electric charging station, helping to promote a sustainable environment. It is essential that the home EV charger is safe and robust, which is why we offer a 3 year warranty and 24/7 support – our home EV charging service covers you from installation through to aftercare.

Why Do I Need a Home Survey?

The Steadfast Group provide free remote surveys with our customers in order to establish the best route for the charger to be supplied. Our home charging points work with all types of electric and hybrid vehicles (every electric or hybrid will charge at different levels as it’s the car that determines the pull from the charger). We aim to supply electric car charger home installation within 7 working days of your survey and the actual installation process takes around half a day (depending if an earth rod is required).

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