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You can depend on The Steadfast Group when it comes to reinventing and tailoring brand new products to the needs of our customers. All of our new products are hand-selected by our Steadfast professionals after they are tried and tested.

Take a look through our information slides to find out about our latest technology. Or for more information, contact us directly to speak to one of our trained specialists.

NEW Solar Powered 4G CCTV 


Steadfast's Solar Powered 4G CCTV cameras guarantee around-the-clock security, without the need of electricity. No power? No problem!

This technology can be used in areas that are not suitable for laying wired network and electric supply lines - for scenes that feature tough environments and have high demand for device stability. It can be used for monitoring farms, electric power cables, water and river systems, oil pipelines and key forest areas.

It can also be used in temporary monitoring scenes, such as the large-scale sports fields, traffic control and city construction. 

With a high quality imaging, this is the perfect sustainable choice for any remote situation!


Covid 19 Product Guide 


Here at The Steadfast Group, we have been channeling our facilities into the current problems of the pandemic we find ourselves in.

By combining our years of Security expertise with new levels of health and safety measures, we have produced a product and help guide for those who wish to keep their businesses secure and productive during these times and beyond.
Take a look at our guide for more information on the best solution for you.

Temperature Screening Technology 

We continue to be dedicated in answering the needs of our clients by providing contactless safety measures in response to the current Covid-19 climate.

Temperature Screening Technology provides contact-free security needs for all enterprises - insuring safety for all when entering buildings and larger establishments. Detection of high temperatures at a fast pace offers the ability to screen for symptoms upon arrival, to increase workflow and decrease illness and Covid-19 transmission.

Wireless Video Alarm Security 
No power? No problem! Our Wireless CCTV Solution requires NO power mains, with a fast and easy installation carried out by our Security Professionals.​

Find out more with our Wireless Video Alarm Security product guide and watch our video explainer.

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